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Whether you are at home and just need air or your tire had a blow out and you're on the freeway, don't worry.  Call us and we can help.  If you need us to change your tire, we only ask that you have a good spare tire available, already mounted on a rim that fits the vehicle.  If you don't have a good spare and the tire is repairable, we can plug it in most cases.  Again, only if it is fixable.  Sidewall damage and tires driven completely flat cannot be repaired like this.  We neither sell tires nor mount them on rims.  If possible, please make sure you have a good spare.  They are usually found in the trunk or mounted under the vehicle.  Even If you are missing the tools to lower the spare on your vehicle, it's no problem.  We carry all the tools necessary to lower them.

PLEASE NOTE:  Many newer cars do not come with a spare tire and only provide an electric pump with a canister of sealant.  



If you have sidewall damage, a large tear, or rim damage (like what is pictured above), the factory provided kit is of no use.  I highly recommend that you equip your vehicle with a full size tire, or at minimum, a "donut" spare tire. This will avoid having to wait for a tow and spending more money and time than necessary.






Some cars have locking lug-nuts or lug-bolts, which may look like these or similar:








If this is the case, you will need to locate the key:







Some vehicles have them in a package as seen here and located either in the glove compartment or in the trunk with the spare and/or jack tools.









Locating this may be the difference between requiring a simple tire change or having to be towed.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you do not have the key, don't worry.  We may have the style.  If not, we still may be able to remove the locking nut or lug.  



Also, some makes and models have locking hub caps like Cadillac.  If yours has any of these, please have the keys available.









Always remember that the spare is temporary and most spare tires, even full sized ones, have explicit warnings not to exceed 50 M.P.H.  Although the lug-nuts will be fastened according to factory specs and the tire is safe to use, we recommend not traveling any more than 50 miles before having them re-torqued.  We also recommend not using the spare for any longer than that to ensure you don't lose too much tread and risk damagaing it.  This will guarantee that you'll have a good spare for the next time you need it. 



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