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Did you lock yourself out of  your vehicle?  How about locked yourself INSIDE your vehicle?  Don't laugh, that is not a joke.  I've seen it happen on some models of BMW when the alarm is activated with the keys inside and nothing works.  No way to start the car.  No way to work the power windows.  You cannot pull the lock lever up.  You are locked inside for good.  Just be patient, my friend, we will get you back into your vehicle or out of it if that is the case .  It happens more often than you think, and even with vehicles that are not supposed to allow this to still happens.  And when it does, we are here to help.














Are your keys locked in the trunk?  Don't worry, there may still be a way to enter the trunk even when the electronic switch is disabled.


We use the latest equipment and techniques to enter the vehicle quickly and without damaging any part of it. 

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