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If you can't start your car, chances are the battery has been run low while the engine was off.  If this is the case, we can jump start your vehicle and get you back on the road.  We carry professional jump boxes equipped with voltmeters so you don't need to move your vehicle and will indicate if your charging system is working properly.  We will check the terminals and tighten the connectors if needed and if possible.  Most batteries will recharge while the engine is running, but if the battery is failing due to age/use, we recommend replacing it.  Although we do not sell batteries, we can swap it with one you have purchased; however, as careful as we are with the terminals, we cannot be held responsible for breakage caused from corrosion or excessive use.


If your car stalls while driving after being jumped, usually it means your alternator is bad.  No jump start will help your vehicle.  If you have only a short distance to travel, of several miles or so, call us and we still may be able to help you, more affordably, without requiring a tow. 

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